COVID-19 Update

As with many businesses, I have had to adjust to the current pandemic of the novel coranavirus causing COVID-19. In late April, RMTs were given authorization to return to work with protocols to make the treatment room as safe as possible.  This includes careful active screening before the appointment, strict infection controls and the use of Personal Protective Equipment. For now, all in-person movement sessions will be conducted outdoors with physical distancing observed and the use of masks where appropriate. I am also available for virtual consulting over the internet. I am keeping a close eye on all developments and have as a priority the health and well-being of our community.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, my job is to help you with pain and dysfunction in muscles and other soft tissues. This begins with a methodical (but efficient) assessment of problem areas, which may also involve input from your doctor or other health care professional. We then work out a plan of care which will make the best use of our time for hands-on therapy, self care and corrective exercises. The idea of the plan of care is to make sure your problems are thoroughly addressed and that we make them less likely to worsen or occur again.

In my practice, I am focused on helping people with mobility and activity. I have worked with athletes - amateur and professional as well as non-athletes to get past their injuries and chronic patterns of tension, weakness and stiffness. My goal is to help you become more active, stronger and healthier while enjoying the process.



The old adage holds true "Movement is Medicine." In my clinical experience, the root of many of my clients' complaints - whether it relates to pain or lost mobility - begins with a movement problem. It could be the result of lack of movement, improper movement or excessive strain in movement. 

As a movement coach, I work with people to restore lost movement and learn new ways of moving that reduce pain and stiffness. Together, we build a plan based on your current abilities and limitations and directed towards your goals and interests. I draw on a large tool kit from yoga, natural movement (MovNat, parkour, Art du deplacement), restorative exercise and more.

The benefit of working with a movement coach is that your sessions evolve as you do, constantly adapting to your new abilities and needs. Rather than giving you a list of exercises to do at home, we do the movement together, making sure you are doing them in a way that helps you get to your goals. You also get guidance on training to do on your own time.

Thai Massage is a form of manual therapy that comes from the tradition of Buddhism and the holistic Southeast Asian vision of the integrated body and mind. In practice, it's a modality that combines deep tissue work with neuromuscular relaxation. In other words, I use rhythmic mobilisation with stretching and deep tissue kneading, rolling and pressure to  remove restrictions to your movement. 

There are many elements about Thai Massage that my clients love. They appreciate the comfort of remaining clothed throughout. They enjoy being on a soft mattress on the ground. Because of the yoga-influenced stretching and passive movements, they feel as though they had benefited from exercise without having to exert themselves. Because the whole body is treated in each session, there is a profound sense of balance and connection.

Therapeutic Thai Massage is a modality which can be used as part of your treatment plan, which I can offer you as a Registered Massage Therapist.


Injury Rehabilition
Better recovery from strains, sprains, fractures and other acute injuries
Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI's)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and other tendon and nerve injuries
Chronic tension, stiffness and pain
Whether due to anxiety, mental stress or poor postural and movement patterns

Regain lost movement or start moving in new and better ways.

Activity and Athletics

Get past the effects of old injuries and sedentary lifestyle to a more active or athletic life

Stress Management

Assistance for coping with emotional and work related stress through relaxation and breathing techniques

266253_10150650627255246_5361684_oWith over 20 years in massage, movement and wellness, my job is to help you feel better, stronger and more connected in body and mind.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I have completed a thorough education in health care and clinical science which, in combination with extensive studies in numerous disciplines, guarantees you treatment that is as professional and effective as possible.

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