About Me

My current work began in 1995 when I enrolled in a Theatre program at a community college. It was the first time I learned about the power of working with body, breath and mind. Since then I have repeatedly been impressed by the human capacity to overcome physical and mental problems with focus, dedication and exercise. This path has led me to study yoga, qigong, meditation, both Eastern and Western healing traditions and a variety of manual therapy and fitness modalities over the last more than 20 years.

I am passionate about sharing some of the amazing things I’ve learned about the human body and mind over the course of these years and this translates into a unique approach as a therapist which lets me give you the “keys to the car” of you own health.


I began practising in 1998 and graduated as a yoga teacher with Basia Going at Adishesha Yoga Zone, Ottawa in 2010. I have additional training in Yin yoga from Biff Mithoeffer. I am experienced in Ashtanga and Yin as well as Hatha yoga more broadly.


I have taken extensive training in the early days of the Lotus Palm school of Thai Massage, Montreal. I worked in the administration of the school and interned as a teacher with Kam Thye Chow, author of the book “Thai Yoga Massage”. Two years later, I opened the Ottawa School of Thye Massage which runs annual certification courses. In 2014, I graduated with honors from the Massage Therapy Intensive program at Algonquin College.


Beginning in the early 90’s with martial studies in Aikido and Kung Fu I’ve kept up a constantly evolving movement practice. Tai Chi, Qigong, Capoeira have all been a part of the mix as well as resistance and endurance training – bodyweight, kettlebells, trail running. In 2016, I became certified as a level 2 MovNat Certified Trainer with Vic Verdier and Eric Brown and this has sparked a love for natural movement, parkour and ADD (Art du Deplacement), all contemporary takes on French physical education systems of the past.