Thai Massage Practitioner L1

This is a four day, 24 hour first level course for those who want to start giving professional-level Thai Massage sessions. The course is practice-focused and accesible for people of all backgrounds with or without relevant experience.

Some of the course content:

  • The core values and philsophy of Thai massage practice
  • How to move your body efficiently and apply force
  • A 60-90 minute repertoire of practical techniques
  • How to compose a benefical massage session for most people
  • Lots of practice time and feedback

Thai Massage is a beautiful practice with 2500 years of history, but just as much aplicablity in the modern world. It is a tremendous skillset to add for movement and manual therapists, but it is also an enriching thing to learn for its own sake.

Although Thai Massage can be portrayed as exotic, contortionistic and painful, it is in fact a simple an pragmatic method for stretching, mobilizing and de-stressing muscle, fascia and nervous tissue. At the Ottawa School, we practice a contemporary approach that also takes into mind anatomy and the bio-psycho-social model of pain management.


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Single Registration750.00 CADRegular registration for one participant.
Returning Student375.00 CADDiscounted rate for returning students to re-take the course.
Discounted Double Registration1275.00 CAD15% discount rate for two people registering together
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